Sustainable Fashion

At Castell Menorca, we believe in sustainable fashion. That's why we've been manufacturing our products in an environmentally friendly way since 1985.

We are inspired by our island, a Biosphere Reserve, where we produce 100% of our products handcrafted, maintaining the values of sustainability and commitment to the habitat.

All our products are made from the skins of animals raised for food consumption. 

Castell Menorca sandals offer great durability, thus contributing to a responsible purchase (slow fashion).

In addition, we offer timeless designs that are far from the ephemeral fashions of the market.

Thanks to our artisan production, we achieve manufacturing processes that are low in energy use and emissions.

Our local production ensures decent and fair conditions for workers, complying with human rights standards.

In Castell Menorca we pay a fee to Ecoembes for the recycling of all the cardboard of the packaging of our sales.

Castell Menorca's packaging is made exclusively with recycled cardboard, which in turn can be recycled again.

As a result of our commitment to sustainable fashion, we present the Castell Recycled collection: an evolution updated to the latest trends that encompasses all the values of Castell Menorca: sustainability, craftsmanship, quality, exclusivity and commitment to the environment.


In addition, thanks to our models from the Castell Recycled collection with recycled tire soles, we achieve:


Exceptional durability contributing to a more responsible consumption.


Avoid the discharge of 60 grams of CO2 into the atmosphere for each pair.


More flexibility.


Greater adherence.


100% metal-free sole.


High resistance to abrasion thanks to is pneumatic sole.


Castell not only manufactures its Menorcan sandals with the "Avarca de Menorca" guarantee, but also designs and makes them with all its heart. It is our way of working, the only one we know.

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