1.1 How can I cancel my order?

As long as you notify us of the cancellation before the shipment is made, there will be no costs associated with the cancellation. If the order has already been shipped, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs, even if the shipping was initially free, as well as return costs. Both will be deducted from the total amount to be refunded for the cancellation..

1.2 Is it possible to change size and/or product?

To exchange for a different size and/or model, you will need to make a new purchase and send us the footwear in the same condition as it was received, with its original packaging, including warranties and tags, to:


C/ Sabaters, 18 - P.O.I.C.I.


Phone: 971 38 40 79

ATT: Marina Tejero

Inside the package, please include your personal information and a copy of the invoice. Upon receipt, we will process the refund within 7-10 business days.

1.3 Return conditions

Returns can be made within 14 days of receipt, as long as they meet the return conditions. The item must be returned in the same condition as it was sent, with its original packaging, including warranties and tags. If you wish to make a return, please send us an email to online@avarcacastell.com indicating the reason. We will promptly provide you with the necessary steps to follow. The expenses associated with exchanges and returns will be borne by the customer. The shipping cost will not be refunded unless it is due to an error on the part of Castell or the item is defective, therefore the purchase value will not be refunded in case of return.:


2.1 What are the delivery times and costs?

Orders will be dealt with from Monday to Fridays ( not bank holidays) and deliveries will be made on working days.

In order to know when your package will be delivered, you must take into account the time the order was made , not including Saturdays, Sundays or bank holidays as deliveries will not be made on these days.

If your order was placed before 09.00am , it will be sent the same day. If the order is placed after 09.00am it will be sent on the next working day.

2.2 Cost and delivery times

For orders outside the European Union, the transport time may be increased due to logistical problems derived from Covid-19. If your order is delayed, contact online@avarcacastell.com and they will inform you of the status of the shipment of your order.

AreaDelivery TimeShipping Cost
Spain and Balearic Islands (SEUR)24h-72h€5,90
Canary Islands48h-72h€18


S and T Zone (Vatican City, Monaco, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland and Faroe Islands)5 days€9,99
U Zone (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Slovenia)5 days€30
Zone V and W (Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Sweden, Andorra, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein and Norway.)5 days€19
Zone X (Turkey, Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Cyprus, Greenland, Iceland, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia and Serbia)5 days€30
United Kingdom5 days€25
Outside the European Union48-72h€70
USA and Canada48-72h€30

* During sales periods, shipping times may be extended.

2.3 To which countries do you deliver?

We deliver all around the world.

2.4 How do I track my order?

As soon as we are sent a tracking number by the delivery agent we will send this to you so that you can track your order easily.


3.1 How can I pay for my order?

Our online system of payment is completely secure and our accepted methods of payment are PayPal or credit/debit card.

3.2 How secure is my payment?

The payments made through our web are completely safe. These payments are made through a virtual payment gateway  point of sale terminal , using a secure connection. This means that your information will be treated confidentially and you will not be charged for the use of your card.

3.3 Can I pay with PayPal?

If you have a PayPal account you can use it to pay for your order.

3.4 Promotion Codes

Once you have received your promo code, put it in the box provided when completing your order and the discount will be applied at checkout.

The code may only be used once and for one order.

3.5 What do I do if my payment is not accepted?

You can try placing the order again, checking that the card number provided is correct. You can also try choosing another form of payment.

For information as to why your payment was not accepted, please contact your bank.

3.6 When will I receive my refund?

We refund monies in the same form of payment as in the original order. Refunds are actioned 3-4 days after receiving the returned goods. You will receive an email of confirmation when we have organised the refund. 

3.7 Can I change my order?

You can only exchange the colour or the size. If you would like to change the style you must return the goods and make another order. 


We understand that finding the right size in another country is not easy. At Castell we use the standard European sizes and here we explain how to find out your correct size.

4.1 Size guide Children

9,1 - 9,70-3 months161110616
9,8 - 10,33-6 months171 1/21,510,5717
10,4 - 11,06-9 months182,5211818
11,1 - 11,79-12 months195312919
11,8 - 12,312-14 months205,53,512,51020
12,4 - 13,02164,5131121
13,1 - 13,72275,513,51222
13,8 - 14,3237,5614,51323
14,4 - 15,02487151424
15,1 - 15,72597,5161525
15,8 - 16,3269,58,516,51626
16,4 - 17,027109,51716,527
17,1 - 17,7281110181728
17,8 - 18,32911,51118,51829
18,4 - 19,0301211,51918,530
19,1 - 19,7311312,5201931
19,8 - 20,33221320,52032
20,4 - 21,033312120,533
21,1 - 21,73442222134


4.2  Size guide Women

21,8 - 22,33552,522,52235
22,4 - 23,03663232336
23,1 - 23,7377423,52437
23,8 - 24,33885242538
24,4 - 25,03996252639
25,1 - 25,74010725,52740
25,8 - 26,341118262842


4.3 Size guide Men

24,4 - 25,03965,5252439
25,1 - 25,7407625,525,540
25,8 - 26,34187262641
26,4 - 27,04298272742
27,1 - 27,74310927,52843
27,8 - 28,344111028,52944
28,4 - 29,0451211293045
29,1 - 29,74612,51229,531,546
29,8 - 30,3471312,530,53247
30,4 - 31,04813,5133132,548

5.1 What guarantees does Castell offer?

All Castell footwear is covered by a two year guarantee in case of manufacturing defects.If this were to occur the goods would be repaired or substituted for another in optimum conditions. 

The guarantee period is two years from the time you receive the goods.

If you have any problems you can contact us through our contact form.

5.2 Is my product under guarantee?

As long as two years have not passed since receiving the goods and it is due to a proven manufacturing fault , the goods are under guarantee.

5.3 How can I resolve a problem with my purchase?

If you purchased the goods in our on-line shop, please email online@avarcacastell.com and our customer service team will inform you of the steps to follow. If you made the purchase in one of our shops, you must take  the goods to the shop and they will resolve the problem.

5.4 Do the discounted products have a guarantee?

Any product bought in Castell has a guarantee of two years. Our guarantee stamp is applied to all the footwear we make including the goods sold at a discounted price.

If there is a reason for substitution or a reparation with charge to the company of a discounted product or a product acquired with a discount code , Castell will not be obliged to restore said discount.

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