Castell, covers 100% Menorca

From Castell Menorca, through a unique way of working, we carry out 100% of our collections in Menorca. Proof of this is the seal of 'Avarca de Menorca' that we have since its creation. A distinctive feature through which Castell Menorca is committed to meet a series of manufacturing specifications to ensure quality in each of the productions. What requirements does the 'Avarca de Menorca' seal have?

·The manufacture must be made by Minorcan craftsmen and, therefore, must be of Minorcan geographical origin.

·The floor must be made of recycled tire, just as the traditional covers menorquina.

·Standards of skin thickness, thread type, hardness, use of materials and cover strength must be met.


It is not strange the visit of patronists, designers and modelers to one of our stores in Ciutadella to know the opinion of customers. A tradition that began the founder of Castell, Quilio Castell, through which we have made an inimitable product. A real glove that adapts to each type of foot thanks to the work of our craftsmen and the use of high quality materials.


The high quality of the materials with which Castell Menorca works guarantees a product that adapts to each tread from the first laying. Thanks to our exclusive last mounting technique, we get a versatile footwear that is suitable for all types of feet. The rear strip adapts and is sewn to the plant to provide, on the one hand, greater resistance to the covers, and on the other, prevent it from slipping. The back strip is one of the parts we treat with more care from Castell Menorca.  

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