Discover the origin of the Menorcan sandals

But was it Hannibal who started wearing this shoe? No, it was the Carthaginian general's slingers (stone-throwers) as he passed through Menorca. Carthage's army won the battles against the Romans. Was it thanks to the sandals? They were sure to be decisive!

Years later, thanks to the great flexibility, comfort and strength of the Menorquinas, the sandals were used by the peasants. What did you see in the Menorquinas? They were made of leather, but what really caught their attention was the way it protected their feet during their days of work in the fields. The dry terrain characteristic of the Mediterranean coast ceased to be a problem for them, since, thanks to the materials used in the manufacture of the sandals, the feet stopped suffering in favor of the great flexibility and strength of the Menorcan sandals.


From this point on, the manufacturing material evolved. Leather was left behind and tire rubber came in as a novelty. Why this change? The rubber allowed the sandals to last longer and the protection was greater. In addition, the commitment to recycling plays a fundamental role with this material. At Castell Menorca we have a line made with recycled tyres. The Rustic models in the collection are made of this material in the sole of the abarca. We have been committed to the environment since our beginnings, as it is in our DNA.


It took more than half a century for the Menorca sandals to become known in the world of fashion. Thanks to the arrival of tourism to our island, the abarca began to be internationalized as a summer footwear. This was the springboard that made them known. They were introduced into everyone's homes. It was no longer a shoe exclusive to locals and peasants, but it was a shoe with which to also be trendy.


Today, it is an international product. Sandals are a symbol of Menorca and this type of footwear is also popularly known as menorquina. At Castell Menorca we are specialists in the manufacture of Menorcan sandals. Our thirty years of experience in the sector makes us specialists in this. In addition, Castell Menorca not only manufactures its menorquinas with the guarantee of 'Avarca de Menorca', it also designs and manufactures its sandals putting all its heart into it. It's our way of working, the only one we know.

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