"It was a joy to see in REC how our product has this durability"

The passage of Castell Menorca through the fair REC #19 served to see first hand something we already knew: the durability of our menorquinas is incredible. "It was a joy to see in REC how our product has this durability", explains Pedro Castell, manager of Castell Menorca, about the visit of a former customer to our stand at REC. He attended with the classic rustic model, acquired ten years earlier in our shop Ses Voltes (Ciutadella). He went to buy the same sandals, since after countless trips the time had come to renew them.

The Catalan public welcomed Castell Menorca with open arms. Those attending REC #19 were grateful to find a traditional, leather and high quality footwear at a stock fair. It was gratifying for us to know the acceptance of our spans among children, adults and also the elderly. We could also see that Castell Menorca continues to fall in love with all generations and we were comforted to see how the public recognized us in a community in which we are present in 70 outlets. A contact with our followers that served to know that all have several denominators in common when they seek us: comfort, versatility and quality.

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