Sandals make a difference on Valentine's Day

Pastel Pink Dress

Let's get out of the ordinary! It is a very special day to celebrate with your partner, so look in your wardrobe and choose a short pastel pink dress, as this color reflects the love, kindness and generosity of a person. It's perfect for Valentine's Day. In fact, it is ideal for you to combine it with our 2006 Frida Granariso Kaki Menorcan Abarca, which has a 4 cm jute platform.

Enjoy the sun's rays

Are you more into the beach than going out to dinner? No problem! Going for a walk along the promenade, under the sun's rays, is a perfect plan. The sea breeze and the long chats while walking make you discover new things about the person with whom you share a good walk. To do this, we propose a more summery look, with denim shorts and a short-sleeved T-shirt. All combined with our 1059 Rolls Vecco sandals. You'll see how you repeat the plan!

For the little ones

And what about the little ones in the house? They love to get out of the house and play, jump, run... Therefore, they need comfortable shoes for them. They are a good companion for this day, because we also fall in love with our children.For children, we have selected the 1176-N Iker White Leather sandals in sailor style.

Now, all our models of sandals, sneakers, and bags are discounted. Take the opportunity to buy your Valentine's Day gifts or to get ahead of the summer trend.

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