Together with the family Castell Menorca

Starry sky

Shine like the stars with our model 1097 Vega Silver, both for girls and women, available in silver and pink. These menorquinas with a touch of fantasy, are ideal to combine with the looks of the little ones. ¡ Give fantasy to your looks with authentic menorquinas, now renewed! 

The classic of the classics

Our most classic model, the white menorquina 1097 Iker leather, is our most combinable model. It is a classic model designed for all ages. Our most comfortable and versatile menorquina and also, with the possibility of bringing the whole family together. Model available in men, women and children. It will be fantastic in the whole family!

A touch of animal print

The leopard is a trend that has come to stay. Girls will go to the latest fashion with our model 1097 Infant Animal Print that, together perfectly with our model 1845 Denis Bio Animal Print. ¡ Step hard with these menorquinas! 

Whole family

Would you love your whole family to be paired? This is your model. Our Menorca 1056 Nobuck lav is a model designed for the whole family, available for both children and adults. Our most versatile model is designed with our heart and made with cowhide. Undoubtedly, the key menorquinas of the season. 

Metallic look 

¡Dazzle everyone with these menorquinas! New metallic menorquinas for lovers of bright colors. Available for both girls and women. Our Menorca 1097 MK brings a special touch to shine next to the smallest of the house. You will love to dazzle together! 

In Castell Menorca we want to offer the highest quality, so we design and manufacture our menorquinas in an artisan and careful way, using top quality materials. Check out the complete collection. 

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