Castell Menorca, since 1985


Our origins date back to 1985 where the Castell Massanet family set up an artisan workshop in which its members made up for technological shortcomings by putting all their soul into cutting, sewing and assembly. We are a family business that manufactures by hand using sustainable and local raw materials.


The delicate process of manufacturing Menorquinas requires demand, professionalism, and affection. Since our beginnings on the outskirts of a rural farm, we have maintained the essence and incorporated new mechanisms.

Our designs

Castell Menorca bases all its designs on the island of Menorca. In its sensations, its people, its landscapes... UNESCO declared Menorca a biosphere reserve in 1993, thanks to the compatibility of economic development, heritage conservation and sustainable resource consumption. A landscape that has been exceptionally maintained.

Menorca, biosphere reserve

Menorca has a very rich traditional landscape. A diverse place in habitats with fauna endemic. A unique island. An exclusive way of living, which Castell Menorca has incorporated into its philosophy since 1985.

avarca garantia menorca

Garantía Avarca de Menorca

Castell Menorca has the “Avarca de Menorca” seal that confirms its guarantee, origin and quality.

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