Cultivate the land in a sunny island is not a friendly task. To do it, field men of the nineteenth century, invented a shoe optimized for their arduous task using fabrics from broken bags as a breathable and fresh solution. A demonstration of Minorcan ingenuity and sustainability. Later, with the arrival of the first motorized vehicles, they discovered how to perfect their invention: the worn wheels were composed of a perfect material for the sole of the peasants. Thanks to this rubber, his suffering feet were protected from rocks, herbs and sharp branches. So, the combination of these elements evolved to consolidate in what we currently known as abarca or Minorca shoes. A handmade footwear that maintains its humble essence through design and ergonomics.

Castell Menorca becomes a line of shoemakers with more than thirty years of experience. A family that united built an artisan workshop where its members supplied the technological deficiencies putting all their soul in the cut, sewing and assembly. And from beginnings in a rural property to the numerous presence with own stores inside and outside the island, that his passion for the Mediterranean style continues to be kept alive through a shoe with original, avant-garde and unique design. A shoe that blooms from its production centres and lives in the heart of its artisan.


The delicate manufacturing process of Minorca shoes requires demand, professionalism, affection. A procedure that only human hands are able to complete neatly.


Avant-garde designs that respond to trends in the fashion sector. Models that, in their preparation, reflect the preference for quality through their materials and their details.


Everything has a beginning, a starting point that expresses the anxieties and illusions of a family. And this is how the crystal clear water, the white sand and the blue Mediterranean sky discover Menorca.